SIMS Latest Enhancements

SIMS Release Notes


22nd September 2022 | v.3.0.43

  1. SIMS has been rebranded with the new Shireburn logo and colour scheme.
  2. The user can now control if the system picks items in FIFO mode automatically where applicable in a new Delivery Note.
  3. There is a new report called Client Accounts Status by Rep in Reports > Miscellaneous that lists unpaid or partially paid invoices by sales rep.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. Entering items with contracted discounts in the Proforma Invoice functions as expected.
  2. Re-ordering Levels by Location has been fixed.
  3. We have added the Stocks OnHold field when importing into/exporting from Excel.

1st August 2022 | v.3.0.42

  1. We have a new report to analyse Z-readings by POS ID and User ID in Reports > Miscellaneous > Z-Read Analysis.
  2. We have added two columns for Credit Days and Credit Balance to the Invoices tab in the Distribution module.

  3. We have added a new column for Purchase Discount Percentage (PD%) in the Import popup in Receipts Direct and Receipts & Costings when importing from Purchase Order.
  4. It is now possible to print the Selling Price Audit report inclusive of VAT.

  5. There is a new field (Balance) for quantity balance in Sales Quotations' and Sales Orders' footer.

Fixes and Improvements
  1. When amending selling prices using the SP button in the grid, all affected fields update as expected.
  2. Time filtering in the Daily Sales Analysis has two new options: Stock Replenishment and Sales Summary.
  3. The error when splitting items in a Delivery Note has been fixed.
  4. The Supplier On Hold option is now hidden when the user does not have enough rights.
  5. When an analysis code is mandatory, bringing up a Delivery Note via the Invoice screen has been fixed.
  6. We have added a new column for Stock Description to the Transactions grid in the Suppliers Maintenance screen, which can be added using the column selector as usual.
  7. We have included all error information on the data validations carried out during the Data Archive in a new log file.

19th May 2022 | v.3.0.41

  1. The client's VAT registration number in Cash Sales and Cash Receipts is printing as intended.
  2. We have added a view-only column showing the unit of measure in the Receipts Direct grid form.
  3. We have introduced a Credit Limit warning instead of a stop on Sales Orders and Invoices when the client is over their credit limit, in case of clients buying on a cash basis.
  4. In Sales Orders, if there is only one remaining batch left in stock then a new Delivery Note will now automatically select it.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. We have improved the validation when changing the Mode or Non-Inv settings of any Stock Card. The system now also checks with the archive data set.
  2. In Location Transfer, the system will give an error message when importing an Excel sheet containing withdrawn items.
  3. In Sales Transactions, the pack size updates as expected when changing the unit of measure.
  4. We have improved the Stock Card menu to display the Export to XML options as below:

  5. The Serial Number is being saved in Sales transactions as intended.
  6. When creating a Proforma Invoice, remarks added to the Stock Card are printed as expected in the normal invoice.
  7. If a user does not have rights to TRAN_IN and TRAN_CN, they will not be able to view invoices or credit notes in the Audit Trail.
  8. In Daily Sales Analysis, the Customer Spend report now also filters for time when ticking the 'Combine Date and Time' option.
  9. The search textbox when opening report forms has been repositioned for improved display.
  10. Job Items are now created in Return from Finished Goods (FR) and Receipt of Finished Goods (RW), in addition to Issue to Work In Progress (WI) and Returns to Work In Progress (WR).
  11. In EMVS, when pasting a code the characters' upper and lower cases are retained.

4th April 2022 | v.3.0.40

  1. It is now possible to block a user from making any amendments to Committed Sales Orders, via the permission SO_UNCOMMI with View set to ON and Edit set to OFF.

  2. The Help menu now contains a link to the Help Centre, Support Centre and Support Chat.

  3. In the Helpdesk module, the user cannot create a new job on a blocked or on-hold client account.
  4. The Consumables report in the Helpdesk module has a new option called 'Extended Report', which includes fields for Average Cost, Start Date of Warranty, Year of Warranty, Stock Code, and Supplier Code.

  5. The system now selects the expiry by default when entering expired items on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis. Please note the user can still override the default expiry by pressing the BR button before saving an entry, and then pressing ? to select the correct expiry.

Fixes and Improvements
  1. We have added a new option when printing in SIMS called 'Save Settings', which contains 3 options: Yes (Save Size & Source for ALL printers), No (save Size and Source for ONLY this printer), Cancel (do not save anything, exits popup).

  2. When working from a remote desktop environment, print settings for a printer in the office environment can be saved.
  3. When using Adjust Deduct on an item with modes BATCH FIFO and BOTH FIFO, the batch reference is generated correctly again.
  4. The item price defaults as expected for a new line item with a contracted discount in Sales Order.
  5. When using Receipts & Costings, if a user inputs a VAT code that is not 0%, two checks will now be triggered:
    1. 'Customs department must be the same as invoice supplier, since this is a local purchase.': in this case, the user must match the Supplier Code and Customs Department fields, since customs department is not applicable to local purchases.
    2. 'Can ONLY select a 0% VAT Code, since this is a foreign purchase.': in this case, the user must change the VAT code to 0%, as VAT is not applicable to foreign purchases.
  6. Reprinting a transaction from Supplier > Accounts is working as expected.
  7. We have made general improvements to the Delivery Slots Managements in Sales Orders.
  8. In the Helpdesk module, when the Remarks tab contains at least one entry, the tab will show in red:

  9. The item description for non-inventory items are now included when printing the Audit Trail reports.
  10. The Audits menu has been reorganised as follows:

  11. Location Transfer Requests now support batches and expiry dates.

3rd March 2022 | v.3.0.39

  1. We have implemented a new file size limit check on SIMS databases, with a yellow warning displaying when 50% of the limit is reached and a red warning showing when 75% and upwards of the limit is reached. In both cases the alert will request users to prepare to Archive.
  2. The Receipts and Costings module's Transaction Types have been updated with the new codes provided by the NSO.
  3. We have added a new grid column for On Purchase Order Quantity to the Sales Order grid lines.
  4. Audit of Selling Price changes for RD can be printed from the Transaction Audit Trail.

Fixes and Improvements
  1. In invoicing, the system will now take the most recent entry from the Client Contracted prices and discounts, if that entry falls within the invoicing date range selected.
  2. When a user has no rights to post an invoice, the system generates a Cash Sale when converting a Sales Quotation.
  3. Document Footer remarks in Purchase Orders are printing as expected.
  4. The Archive process now includes all database within the franchise interface module.
  5. The 'Telex' caption in the Client Details tab has been renamed to 'Extra'.
  6. In POS User Maintenance, importing the list of POS users works as expected.


20th December 2021 | v.3.0.38

Fixes and Improvements
  1. The Mode being imported through spreadsheets is now being validated. Please see this article for a full list of available Modes.

13th December 2021 | v.3.0.37

  1. In POS Sales Reporting, we have extended reporting options to Group by User and by POS ID. This now includes a functional option to maximise the use of this report.  You can now analyse and reconcile the Z Reading for a user, per POS ID, for any given date with details of each payment type. Examples include cash, credit cards, vouchers and other types as defined in your POS configuration.  This is useful to prepare the required journal to post your sales into the accounting system.
    To access this report, click on Reports>Point of Sale > Payment Types.  To activate it, please click Tabular and Group by User:

Fixes and Improvements
  1. Sales Quotations can be converted to a Cash Sale if the user has no rights for Invoicing.
  2. When viewing Location Quantities within Support > Locations, filters are working as expected.
  3. In Receipts & Costings, the landed cost is now being calculated and displayed.
  4. The Purchases Selling Price Difference Report is available when the user highlights any RD transaction in the Transactions Audit Trail, as in Receipts & Costings (RC).

18th November 2021 | v.3.0.36

  1. There are two new fields in the Totals sections of the Sales Orders report ordered by Client and Delivery Date: Total Pending Orders, and Total Value Due.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. The user is not allowed to change the Contracted or Discounted Price in a Proforma Invoice unless granted the right access.
  2. Users can only select locations they have been granted access to when using the Quotation module.
  3. The Consumption by Recipe report is now netting quantities of returns from sales.
  4. An error message has been fixed in Location Transfers and now gives the correct error information right away.
  5. The 'Issue and Close' button in the Works Order Monitor is working as expected again.
  6. When there are no line items to import from the PDA, the system will no longer show errors and will return to the Purchase screen.
  7. The space bar highlight in Helpdesk Reports retrieves only jobs for a particular technician when filtering by technician.
  8. The user can successfully delete filters on Stock Cards.

11th November 2021 | v.3.0.35

  1. The field 'Class' has been added to the Stock Search for both Purchase Orders and Sales Orders line item screens.
  2. If the import into SIMS process (import.exe) gets stuck, it will be terminated after a few minutes if the relevant setting is set.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. API integration: Values imported from the APIs will be posted in the Shireburn System as received without any changes. This also applies to import of Sales Orders unless un-committed by the user from within the Shireburn system.
  2. An issue was fixed where if the first item had no barcode, all other items would print with an incorrect barcode. Now when the first item in a Sales Order has no barcode, the rest of the Sales Order is unaffected and will print correctly.
  3. Helpdesk Module: all mandatory fields are now included when using the function 'Generate Excel Template'.

13th October 2021 | v.3.0.34

Fixes and Improvements
  1. When viewing Supplier Transactions, the system now shows the items within each transaction.

27th September 2021 | v.3.0.33

Fixes and Improvements
  1. The double dispensing issue on EMVS has been solved.
  2. The selling price from the stock card is being defaulted when the user inputs a new Proforma Sales Invoice.

15th September 2021 | v.3.0.32

Fixes and Improvements
  1. The user is not allowed to post a Proforma Sales Invoice, Proforma Sales Order, or Sales Invoice if the client has overdue invoices or account balance exceeding credit limit.
  2. The user is not allowed to change the Contracted Discount unless granted the corresponding secure right.
  3. The system now allows the user to override the default client discount in Proforma Sales module.
  4. When deleting a Scheme header in the POS module, the system will stop the user if there are any Scheme conditions or giveaways linked.

1st September 2021 | v.3.0.31

  1. Address, Locality, and Country columns have been added to the Delivery Types support file.

30th August 2021 | v.3.0.30

  1. When selecting a debtor in a Proforma Invoice or Sales Order, if the debtor is overdue by invoice credit days or client credit limit then a warning pops up to alert the user. Users with rights to Ignore Credit Limits will be allowed to continue the operation, whereas users without these rights will be stopped upon triggering of the warning.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. When issuing the report ordered by Client & Delivery Date, via Reports > Sales Order > Sales Orders the Summary option is working and now includes the Totals per Client code.
  2. We fixed an issue where printing the Warranty Report would crash after 60% progress, it should now work as expected.
  3. When the user exports Sales Orders to Purchase orders and is alerted that an item is withdrawn in a Purchase Order, the alert pop-up will now indicate the Item and Purchase Order codes.
  4. In the Delivery Notes report, when filtered to exclude On-Hold clients, we have added the following in red in the right-hand sidebar for the user's information: 'Please note that On-Hold Clients are excluded from the report.' At the bottom of the last page of the Valuations report, when filtered to exclude Non-Inventory items, we have included the following footnote: 'Please note that Non-Inventory items are not included in this report.'
  5. An issue where users could not insert line items in a Sales Transaction has been resolved, and this should work as expected.
  6. When carrying out a Bulk Transfer in Serial mode, the default quantity shows correctly again.
  7. The new On Hold field is now visible as a column in the Stock Card grid.
  8. The Client Sales Report will no longer close when typing in the Search field of the Stocks tab.
  9. Items with Serial mode that were not working in Adjustment Add and Adjustment Deduct should be fixed now.
  10. The discount in the header will again apply to new line items entered into a Quotation.
  11. Remarks on line items in the Proforma Invoice will display as expected upon printing.
  12. The error given when the computer is left idle with SIMS open has been fixed and the message should no longer come up.

9th August 2021 | v.3.0.29

  1. Distribution Invoices to include delivery sheet ref.
  2. Included a new setting in Company Maintenance for WIP transactions to update a generic JOB and ANALYSIS in SFM.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. Fixed the filtering before printing the Client Sales report.
  2. Fixed issue with free items when importing orders (from tablet).
  3. Fixed issue with user discount permissions ignored during Proforma.
  4. Fixed issue when Importing S/Orders from gateway, unit price in imported order is being used.
  5. S/Orders report - included a note that OnHold clients are suppressed.
  6. Fixed issue in Sales Invoices where item remarks were not copied to line items.
  7. Fixed an issue with the bulk change of department code in multiple stock cards.
  8. Fixed incorrect Total Cost in List of S/Orders report.
  9. Fixed issue in Sales orders where line items were not defaulted with header discount.

5th July 2021 | v.3.0.28

  1. Inclusion of a new field 'Supplier Stock Code' in WIP report layout.
  2. New report for items with negative batch quantities.
  3.  WIP: User is able to add 'Stock Description', 'Unit' and 'Supplier Stock' in the Issue to Work in Progress screen.
Fixes and Improvements
  1. Resolved an issue with the VAT table not being printed when printing a batch of invoices.
  2. An issue with free quantity has been resolved when converting sales invoice into a credit note.
  3. Contracted Discount was not being refreshed when amending stock code inline item. This is now working as expected.

17th June 2021 | v.3.0.27

  1. When posting sales including manufactured items, the system will automatically post a WIP transaction for the components in a pre-defined job in SFM.
  2. Redesigned Emailing system of the SIMS - SIMS can be set to use its in-built email client to send attachments to other recipients. The new settings can be accessed from Admin > Local Settings.
Fixes and improvements
  1. New validation to stop the user from posting a credit note instead of an invoice when calling delivery note or s/order from invoice  form
  2. Improved validations on expiry date during import, reducing chances of wrong input.
  3. Fixed an issue with the attachment viewer.
  4. Fixed an issue with users having access to hidden companies after using the User ToolsChange User menu option.
  5. Fixed an issue of quantity mismatch when merging transactions and movements and then filtering for a particular location
  6. Fixed issues related to the display of Max Disc % fields when browsing in User Maintenance
  7. Improved the way the automated transaction importer handles the POS gateway
  8. Improved report query when printing reports from Archive

18th May 2021| v.3.0.26


  • You can now choose to print invoice dates as the delivery dates for Distribution Invoice runs. The setting called Ask to use Del. Date in IN is available in Admin > Company Maintenance > S/Orders.

  • New option in Selling Price Audit Report to exclude discounts

Fixes and improvements

  • Errors occurring during stock take updates have been fixed.

  • Contracted discounts override max discounts configured for users of the system as expected.

  • Users without SP_MANUAL and SP_MENU permissions rights cannot use the Proforma MP button.

  • Improved validations on contracted prices even on Proforma

  • We fixed issues that were preventing VAT and total amounts for unit prices from refreshing.

  • We have ensured that stock cards with contracted prices have their prices refreshed after a user amends an existing line item and changes the stock code.

  • Amend and insert issues for STKADD records have been fixed and these actions work properly.

  • Issues with the reversal of Receipts & Costings have been fixed.

18th May 2021 | v.3.0.25

  • We have made EMVS decommissioning alerts and message more visible to you by adding an EMVS Message column for data grids in your Add and Deduct Adjustments and Sales screens.

Fixes and improvements

  • Changing VATreg from the audit trail stores the information correctly as expected.

  • Selling price difference reports (Price List) shows accurate price changes according to selling price audit as expected.

  • Validation issues with Proforma Purchases have been fixed.

  • Discounts in Purchase Orders are calculated correctly as expected. There were instances where outstanding values were negative.

  • Entering the same item but with different dates for contracted prices history works as expected.

  • Departments cannot be deleted when they are linked to stock cards.

  • Clicking on "Clear Global Discount" in a sales transaction will clear the discount percentage and amount and turn off the contracted flag as designed.

  •  Improved validations on Contracted Prices

5th May 2021 | v.3.0.24


  • Two methods are now available in which you can import bar codes from Excel: Amend and Insert Only. Importing with Amend (previously available in SIMS) will override stock codes for existing items with barcodes in the system. Importing with Insert Only will add new barcodes to items in your system.

Fixes and improvements

  • Imported S/Orders through APIs to SIMS are highlighted as blue upon the import as expected.

  • We fixed an issue where amending the quantity of a S/Order line item would change the unit of the item.

  • Contracted prices shown correctly on one's tablet or website after an order is received in the gateway as expected.

  • ReplicIDs are updated in Stocks.dbf when the replication type is set to Master.

  • The system calculates VAT on the correct price when calling "manuf" items from S/Order.

  • Fixed an issue where decommissionings for exports were getting stuck in queue. This should no longer occur.

  • Copying contracted prices from another client works correctly.

  • We fixed downloading issues for the replication client.

  • "Free Qty" are not added with "Qty" in the Receipts & Costings calculation screen as expected.

  • An errant currency error issued when S/Orders were trapped in the import gateway has been removed.

14th April 2021 | v.3.0.23

  • You now have the option to sort Payment Types reports by Point of Sale locations and IDs.

  • Some improvements have been made for generating POS list reports. 1) Changing an item to Inactive without a key (returning the item to active requires a key); 2) An active item column in included POS Info reports.

  • You now can choose which barcode to print with an item when the selected item has more than one barcode.  

  • You are also able to now select which batch or expiry to print on labels.

  • Data archive process enhanced with data fix automation.

  • Last Issue and Last Receipt columns now included in Stock Valuation reports, even when exporting this report to raw data.

  • New permissions to control access to the Distribution module (which also controls the Sales Order menu) and the Modules menu have been added.

Fixes and improvements
  • When the number of max columns locked that is set by you is greater than the number of active columns in a given grid, the max number of columns becomes the number of active columns.

  • A fix was made to prevent the system from posting duplicate items when invoicing multiple items within same location.

  • "New Landed with Markup" prices -- when markup is used from the category list -- are computed correctly as expected.

  • The Sales Price is populated correctly when a Sales Order is converted into Invoice.

  • ReplicIDs of stocks updates (increase by increment) as expected when importing through Excel.

  • The component locations of manufactured items are reported correctly in Receipt of Finished Goods as expected.

  • Printing invoices from Support > Clients > Accounts works properly and without errors.

  • Stability enhancements to importing stock lists through Excel. There were issues where "Too many variables" errors were flagged for random records.  

  • An error has been fixed for pre-purchase order reports. You should expect no errors to be issued when printing this report.

  • We fixed a bug that was showing all items in Cash Sale at the same price. This was triggered when using the search box to select a product. The bug has been fixed, and items and their correct prices appear correctly in the grid as expected.

  • ItemOrds (item orders) for Sales Orders are padded with zeros (0) when coming from APIs as expected.

  • Issues with wrong balances being printed on stock cards have been fixed.

  • Printing a Receipts Direct report from Support > Suppliers > Transactions works as expected.

  • We fixed an issue where generating a Clients Report would not complete.

  • The error message "Selling price is less than average cost" will not erroneously appear when there is no selling price that is less than average costs.

  • Free quantities have been removed from the Client Sales History report. 

  • Issues with changing company names with new access keys have been addressed and fixed.

  • Pack sizes refresh when changing the unit of measurement as expected.

15th March 2021 | v.3.0.22

  1. You can now import scans.csv files in your Proforma Sales and Proforma Purchases/Returns screens.
  2. A new Help Desk report titled Jobs by Technician is available.
  3. New permissions to control access to the Distribution module (which also controls the Sales Order menu) and the Modules menu have been added.
  4. You now have the option to put stock cards "on hold". This option lets you put a temporary blockage on the item being made available for purchase, but it can be used elsewhere in the system. For example, it allows you to clean out current stock without the risk of you repurchasing or resupplying said stock. You can find the On Hold option next to Withdrawn in the Details tab of stock cards.
  5. A new report called Proforma Picklist is available in Main > Proforma > Sales Audit Trail. This report issues a list of proformas in your system.
  6. Batch and expiry date fields have been added for merged transactions and movements filtered for a location.
Fixes and improvements
  • Issues in the EMVS manual import gateway queie have been fixed.

  • Importing scans.csv files into Proforma Purchase Return works as expected.

  • Issues where unit types were inconsistently displayed throughout different screens in the Distribution module have been fixed.

  • Issues with total quantity of units incorrectly reported in the S/Order line of invoices have been fixed.

  • Changing the selling price on a stock card properly updates on websites as expected.

  • The "exclude stationery" option is passed to the Cash Return report as expected.

  • We fixed an issue where the system was allocating all of an item's quantity into one batch when calling an invoice with batchfifo or bothfifo from the Credit Note screen.

  • The system no longer issues an error when more than 100 files are imported a file at one time.

14th January 2021 | v.3.0.21

  • An EMVS notification system has been implemented for SIMS users with the EMVS module installed. Learn how to the notification system works in this article; click here for a full summary of the EMVS notification system in SBS.

  • A new option and routine have been created so that when posting WIP transactions, the items are also sent to the warranty database.

  • Up to three lines of description job details can now be printed on WIP reports.

Fixes and improvements

  • An error triggered when accessing R&C in Archive data has been fixed.

  • Issues where using filters on Job Status was producing more jobs with different statuses has been fixed.

  • We have fixed performance issues with the Distributions module.

  • Clicking the "Cancel" button in the Close Job function takes the user back to the function as expected.

  • An issue where the transaction header total was not being updated when running the Fix Average Costs utility has been fixed. 


30th November 2020 | v.3.0.20

  • Filename truncation and other changes made to the Franchise Export and Import functionalities.

  • Stock cards can now be flagged as OnHold. This flag means that the stock card can still be used in your system but that purchases on it are blocked. This flag is found next to the WIHDRAWN flag in the main stock card details screen.

Fixes and improvements

  • Department codes are now automatically created in the stock card when posting inter-company transactions.

  • An issue where converting a Sales Order into an invoice failed to be created as a PDF file has been fixed.

  • We have reduced delays when stock card details are saved.

28th October 2020 | v.3.0.19

  1. We have added a new customer support tool: Shireburn Remote Control (Zoho) in the Help menu. This is a remote support option for you to use whenever you need assistance with SIMS.

  2. You now have the option to print one label for a product.
  3. A new option to disable loyalty points for certain products is now available in SIMS.
  4. SIMS now stores the last date when the last customer discount reset function is ran. The date of the customer discount reset is stored in Company Details > Last References.

  5. The Distribution module can now be archived.
Fixes and improvements
  1. Delays in loading data when opening the Details tab of a stock card have been fixed.
  2. An issue where multiple instance of the same item were being invoiced at a price of zero (free) after users enabled the “Allow same item to be entered more than once in sales” order” option has been fixed.
  3. A bug in the Delivery Notes window has been fixed.
  4. Speed issues when creating a new client code have been fixed. The systems assigns codes much faster now.
  5. An error produced when importing two transactions into the POS gateway has been fixed.
  6. An issue where costs appearing in Commission reports despite the user lacking access to show the cost has been fixed. Costs in the report is controlled by a Show Cost checkbox if the user has access to this option.
  7. Problems with the company pop-up menu getting stuck when logging in to SIMS have been fixed.
  8. Speed performance issues when opening the Sales Pick list have been fixed.
  9. Structure changes on st_log.dbf have been made.
  10. Slow filtering issues in Catalogue have been fixed.
  11. Issues where movements by vessel not showing any opening balances in the export of raw data have been fixed.
  12. Errors with discounts in the Receipt and Costings window during recalculation have been fixed.
  13. Print Label (CR) printing issues have been fixed.
  14. Performance improvements made to the Top Highlights report have been made.
  15.  Descriptions for inventory stock cards in Quotation line items can only be changed for non-inventory items as expected.
  16. An issue where no values were given when filtering a Valuation report by location has been fixed.
  17. Issues with bulk serial numbers import in Warranty have been fixed.
  18. Location quantities (Loc Qty) print correctly in Sales Order Pick List as expected.
  19. The CardNo field is included in the customer details export template as intended.
  20. Fixes to the User Reconciliation report have been made.
  21. There were instances where errors occurred during the issuing of invoices. This has been fixed.
  22. Errors when using User Tools > Change User have been fixed.
  23. Issues where columns could not be rearranged in the Proforma Return report have been fixed.

1st September 2020 | v.3.0.18

Fixes and improvements
  1. Sales Analysis codes are now available in both the Sales Order and Sales Quotations windows.
  2. We fixed an error caused when changing posting periods.
  3. “Partial Match Anywhere” is the default search option when searching by Extref or creating a new index.
  4.  The SALESANAL variable is found when processing in bulk in the Sales Order window as expected.
  5. Standard cost of non-inventory items update in the Parts Explosion screen as expected. 

21st July 2020 | v.3.0.17

  1. The Current P/Order report now includes a Supplier VAT Reg. number.
  2. We have added a location quantity (Loc Qty) column in the Sales Invoice window.
  3. A bulk close button has been added to the Sales Quotations window.

  4. The Issues Analysis report now includes a brand/model field.
  5. Users receive a validation warning when posting direct purchases with inputted expiry dates.
  6. Users will receive a “Petty Disc reset” message whenever an item is deleted, amended, or inserted.
  7. We have added a new validation for when users insert stock control A/C under Admin > Company Maintenance.
  8. Users will receive a prompt from the system that they are quoting a value less than the average cost when in the Sales Quotations and Sales Orders windows.
  9. Users are asked to enter a date against which to validate the creation date of stock cards to help the system better filter stock cards with no movements.
  10. Delivery Notes reports can now be printed by client.
  11. The Advanced Export functionality is now controlled by the secure function ADM_ADVEXP (found under Admin > Group Rights > Permissions).
  12. A new secure right has been created for un-committing P/Orders: P_UNCOMMIT (found under Admin > Group Rights > Permissions).
  13. Contacted prices/discounts in the Proforma module now appear in blue.
  14. Department codes are created when importing invoice from the inter-company module as expected.
  15. VAT calculation issues have been fixed. There were instances where VAT in Sales Order > Line Item Details were not being calculated as expected.
  16. Converting Sales Quotations to Invoice works correctly.
  17. The due date populates on invoices as expected.
Fixes and improvements
  1. The overall performance of the S/Orders import gateway has improved.
  2.  An issue where line items in the Sales Quotations window were not filtered after the user converted sales quotations to invoice but that invoice was later cancelled has been fixed.
  3. The system creates a local tranpost folder when using the User Tools > Change User ID option as expected.
  4. Problems occurring with SFM Interface by payment types have been fixed.
  5. Formatting issues with invoice layouts not showing all invoiced items with long batch references have been fixed.
  6. The last amended date on stock card details will not update if no changes to the stock card’s details are detected.
  7. Minor bugs when posting invoices have been fixed.
  8. Pack sizes change after keying in unit of measurement when pressing either Enter or Tab on the keyboard updates as expected.
  9. Pending quantity considers free quantity in Sales Orders > Line Item Details as expected.

25th June 2020 | v.3.0.16

  1. SIMS has a new option to use standard cost for non-inventory items when posting Finished Good Value (parts explosion). The Use non-inventory standard cost for Finished Goods Value (Parts Explosion) option is found under Company Maintenance > Works in Progress. This new option functions only when the Get cost from child items option is enabled as well.

  2. SIMS will only deduct raw material when posting Receipt on Finished Goods and not Cash Sale. When the two options are enabled together, the raw material is only deducted for the "Receipt of Finished Good" and not for the "Sale".

  3. Payments Type reports can now be grouped or filtered by POS user ID.

  4. A new report for Warranty is now available to list all warranty records with filters for invoice date, installation date, and delivery date. 

  5. SIMS maintains the total value when converting a Proforma Purchase Invoice to Direct Purchase.

  6. Two new permissions added to control a user’s ability to add or change a deposit. The permissions that control these functionalites are SO_CLTDEP and SO_DEPOSIT (found under Admin > Group Rights > Permissions).
  7. The grid in the Local Purchase form has two new columns dedicated for Markup % and Margin %. The formulas are:

    Markup = (sp-cp/cp) x 100 (original request)
    Margin = (sp-cp/sp) x 100

Fixes and improvements
  1. A new validation was introduced so that user could not import P/Order lines for items which are not normally purchased from the selected supplier. This is controlled by a setting in Comp Maintenance > Only show stocks of Supplier.

  2. Fixed an error when importing P/Order lines for supplier with contracted prices/discounts.

  3. If the user tries to commit a P/Order before saving, the system is now updating correctly the “created by” and “created date” fields and increment the next P/Order ref.

  4. Speed performance of SIMS when creating a new client code has been improved.

  5. Validation added to Proforma Purchases and Direct Purchases that “free quantity” cannot be greater than “quantity” purchased.

  6. Users are now able to import the number of packs when importing RD lines through Excel.

    In this case, the Quantity is 2 boxes, packets of 6 units each (packsize). Kindly note that the QTY to import from Excel has to be qty*packsize if packsize > 1 (to mirror how the manual RD works).

  7. When user changes the selling price when posting a proforma purchase invoice, the system updates the “last amended date” on the stock card.

  8. Batch printing of Proforma sales invoices has improved. There were instances where line items were out of place in the invoices.

  9. Importing issues with the supplier’s price list have been fixed. 

  10. New secure functions to control the access to proforma audit trail have been added:

    PR_P_AUDIT controls the access to the proforma purchases audit trail.

    PR_AUDIT controls the access to the proforma sales audit trail.

13th May 2020 | v3.0.15
  1. Archiving on databases.
  2. Improvements in export routines.
Fixes and improvements
  1. Performance improvements on the Distribution module.

20th April 2020 | v3.0.14

  1. Distribution: Pausing import of POS transactions when "Invoice Run" is initiated.
  2. New field 'Follow Up' date is available on the clients support file.
  3. Sales Invoice: A new 'Mark Up' column was included in the Invoice screen.
  4. Improvements during import of pre-purchase order into a purchase order.
  5. New option to default delivery date from s/order when converting to an invoice.
  6. New report to indicate a replacement item in the Guarantee Module.
  7. Helpdesk: Technicians can now be set as 'on hold' (Support>Helpdesk>Technicians).
  8. Enlargement of Client and Supplier name fields.
  9. Doctor Register: Enhanced replication between SIMS & POS.
  10. User can now record procedure when generating issue/requirements (Help > Windows Recorder).
  11. Receipts Direct: User can view markup/margin when posting RD (button SP).
  12. Sales Quotations: User can now view item location qty when inputting quotations (button L).
  13. Distribution Module: Added validation to stop user from inserting same client in a route.
  14. Production Control: Added field POS ID.
  15. Sales order: Added functionality on client multiple delivery addresses.
  16. Sales order: Added functionality to control which sales orders are viewable for the user.
  17. Archive: new functionality to automate the archive of POS Journal in SIMS.
  18. Quotations: Included new filed 'Last Receipt' date field in quotation lines.
  19. Guarantee: New report to list all items installed within a range of dates (Reports>Misc>Warranty).
  20. Improved License management.
  21. Enlargement of Client and Supplier email fields.
Fixes and improvements
  1. Proforma Sales: Fixed issue when importing via Excel.
  2. EMVS: Increased the AlertID field to 39 characters.
  3. Stock Cards: Fixed error when importing multiple stock units via Excel.
  4. The Category field in Suppliers / Contracted Prices now accepts 8 characters.
  5. Non-Inventory items are now being suppressed from the Stock-Take Sheet report.
  6. Helpdesk: included a new index so that user can search by serial number (Warranty tab).
  7. Label Printing: Both stock code and barcode are available for printing.

25th March 2020 | v3.0.13

  1. Updates in the Printer Selection options
  2. User can now post a sales proforma invoice even if client has no credit limit set
  3. Improved validation when user tries to export data to spreadsheet but Excel is not installed
  4. After system changes to cater for EMVS regulations, user can create one-to-many barcode with a preset prefix
  5. Improved validation when user creates new stock codes using lower-case
  6. Improved security where sales reps can only amend their own Sales Orders
  7. Fixed error when showing stock additional details from Sales Order lines
  8. Included filtering by location code when printing the Batches/Expiry Dates report
  9. System is now clearing Location Movements which were trapped in POS gateway
  10. Fixed glitch on grid data when clicking on client name in the Sales Orders list
  11. New grouping by user and date when printing User Reconciliation report
  12. Fixed issue when converting Sales Quotation to Sales Order - cost of non-inventory items is now being transferred
  13. Improved error reporting when committing a Sales Order
  14. Machines: External Ref is now being recorded correctly when exporting invoices to SFM
  15. Distribution: new delivery sheet will not pick Sales Orders of type 'pick up'
  16. Improved filtering on Stock code when printing Sales Comparison report
  17. Improved filtering on location when printing pick list from Sales Orders reports
  18. When converting Sales Order to Delivery Note and then Invoicing, the stock unit is being now recorded
  19. The "Delivered Qty" is now being updated correctly after a return note
  20. Fixed issues with EMVS report
  21. Levy amount in R&C is now being saved correctly
  22. When user is creating a proforma purchase invoice, the system is now getting the cost from the supplier price list
  23. After saving grid columns, these are recorded and not lost once the form is re-opened
  24. Changed pop-up title to indicate that a proforma purchase invoice is being posted
  25. Item remarks are now being copied to the new stock card when using 'copy & paste' from support>stock cards
  26. User can copy and paste text (eg. client name or email)
  27. User can now have multiple lines in default remarks for Sales Orders
  28. The setting controlling the limit of Petty Discount is now applicable for Sales Quotations, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices
  29. User is not allowed to create new debtor accounts from the 'lens' shortcut on Sales Transactions if (s)he has no rights to do so
  30. Added new control who can maintain client multiple delivery addresses
  31. Added new control who can post Proforma Purchase Invoice
  32. Fixed the Debtors Receipt report to cater for write-off's in the debtor payment allocation
  33. Fixed the allocation of System Reference when posting Proforma Purchase Invoice
  34. Fixed the functionality to save a Sales Invoices as a Proforma Sales Invoice
  35. Fixed error when calling up list of components from manufactured item in Sales Quotations
  36. Fixed error when sending sales invoices to clients by email
  37. Fixed error when converting Proforma Sales Invoice to Sales Invoice
  38. Fixed error when converting Proforma Direct Receipt to Direct Receipt
  39. Fixed issue with multiple stock units on Sales Orders
  40. Fixed posting to SFM issues (credit notes)
  41. Included new functionality to allow user to close multiple Purchase Orders in bulk
  42. Added more columns to the Pre-Purchase Order form
  43. Included new functionality to allow user to email multiple Purchase Orders in bulk
  44. Included new option to control if Sales Orders received from tablet should be marked as OPEN or COMMITTED
  45. Included new reporting functionality to allow user analyse sales from beginning of the previous year
  46. Included new filtering options in the Client Sales History report
  47. Included new validation to stop user from inputting a VAT value greater than purchase value
  48. Included new shortcut for user to view batches/expiry dates when inputting Sales Order line items.
  49. Included new functionality to allow user view past Helpdesk jobs and past Sales Transactions in the archived data
  50. Included new functionality to allow user change EMVS batch if item is inputted manually (not scanned 2D barcode)
  51. Included new functionality to allow user copy & paste Sales Quotation lines
  52. Included new filtering by date range in the User Reconciliation report (Sales Orders)
  53. Included new Distribution report - Invoices by delivery person or by truck
  54. New functionality to default the number of labels to be printed from the quantity purchased in Direct receipts
  55. New functionality to allow user import/export client details from SIMS (if not linked to SFM)
  56. New functionality to allow user see profitability by transaction on the Audit Trail
  57. New functionality to allow user import POS transactions even if item quantity is negative
  58. Included new columns in the Supplier Price List form (Support > Suppliers Additional > Suppliers Price List)
  59. Included new columns in the Proforma Purchase Invoice form (Main > Proforma > Direct Receipt)
  60. Included new fields in the label printing query
  61. Included new functionality to control who can create customers from the client maintenance form
  62. Included new functionality to allow user export client details to spreadsheet (Support > Client Additional > Delivery Addresses)
  63. Fixed issue with double-posting when system is set with payment types
  64. Included new fields in the Sales Order Picklist report query

SIMS 2.0.0


13th January 2017 | v.2.3.72
  1. RD and RS transaction type options can now be selected when issuing the Analysis Code.


28th November 2016 | v.2.3.68
  1. Contracted prices are now being shown in a blue colour. If the user decides to change the selling price or discount, the line item reverts to black again.
28th November 2016 | v.2.3.49
  1. New report which amalgamates all reorder quantities in locations and compare to the quantity in the main store location (selected by the user). This is only applicable for installations set to use Reorder Levels by Locations.


9th December 2015 | v.2.3.48
  1. Stock Statistics now include filtering and grouping by POS users.
  2. New report to show cash differences during blind reconciliations.
9th December 2015 | v.2.3.45
  1. New option to print the Sales Analysis report by Location.
8th July 2015 | v.2.3.41
  1. Removed cancelled Sales Orders from Sales Representative and Detailed List of Sales Orders report.
 4th June 2015 | v.2.3.37
  1. New security function OVERCONTSP - Override Contracted Prices. When this is applied, the user will still be able to change the contracted price.


16th September 2014 | v.2.3.31
  1. Enhancements in calculation of average costs when the quantity is in negative.
16th September 2014 | v.2.3.30
  1. New option to export full list of rejections when updating stock take. 
16th September 2014 | v.2.3.29
  1. The Quick Search button is now available in the main Sales Order screen (POS 2.12.148).
16th September 2014 | v.2.3.27
  1. New pop-up to warn users that there are items listed at a price of 0 during posting of line items in Sales Orders (POS 2.12.147).
16th September 2014 | v.2.3.26
  1. New button to display the current quantity in stock at different locations (POS 2.12.145).
7th July 2014 | v.2.3.25
  1. Added new option in the Price List report to print selling prices by pack. 
7th July 2014 | v.2.3.24
  1. New option to group the Customs report by stock group.
7th July 2014 | v.2.3.21
  1. Included the stocks quantity when exporting the Location Transfer document to raw data. 
7th July 2014 | v.2.3.19
  1. Included the last issue date and quantity fields in the report.
7th July 2014 | v.2.3.16
  1. New option to print the selling price including or excluding VAT. 
  2. New option to tag stock cards to be printed wen having different label layouts.
7th July 2014 | v.2.3.15
  1. Moved the position of the Shireburn Utilities menu from Main to Admin. 
6th February 2014 | v.2.3.15
  1. Added a new button on the stock card detail tab to show the last purchase price history by suppliers. 
  2. Added a new button to copy contracted prices from an existing client. 
7th January 2014 | v.2.3.14
  1. New report to show purchases trapped in the POS import gateway.
7th January 2014 | v.2.3.13
  1. Included the supplier stock code in the Import by Style functionality. 


 13th November 2013 | v.2.3.11
  1. New option to group by Analysis code.
  2. Client-contracted price check, a new report that compares the last cost against client-contracted prices. 
6th August 2013 | v.2.3.1
  1. R&C - Contracted prices, a new report to compare receipts and costings items cost to supplier-contracted prices.
6th August 2013 | v.2.2.99
  1. Date validation is now included in the audit of changes.
22nd April 2013 | v.2.2.98
  1. Stock statistics report, a new report option to group by the customer's town.
3rd April 2013 | v.2.2.97
  1. Covers report, a new report to show sales information by guests during serving periods in restaurant environments.


21st December 2012 | v.2.2.88
  1. New option to hide closed Proforma Sales and Purchases.
  2. A new report called Valuation Analysis that can be accessed from Reports > Stock Items > Valuation > Valuation Analysis.
21st December 2012 | v.2.2.81
  1. Users can now expand all and collapse all categories on the tree view pane in the Web Categories screen.
21st December 2012 | v.2.2.80
  1. A new module to support the generation of electronic sales invoices in the required Miller format. For more details, contact Shireburn.
  2. A new module to support the generation of sales invoices in the required Arkadia format. For more details, contact Shireburn.
  3. A new option in the Stock List by Location report to print the report by bar codes instead of stock codes.
24th August 2012 | v.2.2.79
  1. Stock codes can now be copied to the clipboard from any screen.
  2. A new option to include options with no movements within a selected date range in the Stocks Per Period report.
  3. New option to include products of items not sold within the selected period.
  4. The Commission Report now includes the invoice number in the detailed and summary options. 
7th August 2012 | v.2.2.75
  1. The Stock List report can now be grouped by Class.
18th July 2012 | v.2.2.73
  1. When invoicing items with batches/expiry in Fifo mode and multiple batches are used, SIMS now prints the quantity per batch/expiry.
6th July 2012 | v.2.2.72
  1. New option to exclude Archived data folders when taking company backups.
6th July 2012 | v.2.2.70
  1. The system now checks for exclusivity when running a re-index.
29th February 2012 | v.2.2.63
  1. The system automatically flags the setting to export Sales transactions directly in SFM (where applicable).
23rd January 2012 | v.2.2.61
  1. When pressing the Add All to Basket button, the system will ask you for a default quantity and will refuse importing zero quantity.
  2. A new feature that deletes all items in a basket.


29th November 2011 | v.2.2.58
  1. Added filter to hide Closed Location Transfer Requests.
  2. Setting to print bar codes on invoices and credit notes for document management system purposes.
28th September 2011 | v.2.2.54
  1. R&C Markup Report: New field to compute the gross profit per product based on the landed cost and the current selling price on the stock card. 
  2. New option to print Credit or Cash Sales only added for Daily Sales Reconciliation.
  3. Introduced a setting to control who can amend Sales Orders and Quotations from the User Maintenance screen.
24th August 2011 | v.2.2.51
  1. New button added to copy Group permissions from one company to another. 
  2. New column added to show the Supplier Stock Code in the Invoice Lines screen. 
  3. New button to update Selling prices for all items in a consignment.
1st August 2011 | v.2.2.49
  1. The status of Quotations is automatically changed to "Rejected" when linked to a Sales Orders that has been cancelled.
  2. Sales Order Performance report received the option to show values inclusive or exclusive to VAT and a stock description column.
7th July 2011 | v.2.2.40
  1. New Secure Functions created for the following reports: Sales Order Performance, Selling Price Difference Analysis, Space Management, Help Desk Main, Help Desk Jobs, Help Desk Batch Job Printing, Miscellaneous Sales/Purchases Cover Ration, Miscellaneous Location Movement.
  2. Users are now able to change Selling Prices for a particular style from Stock Cards > Details > Matrix. This is applicable when having the same price for all items within the same style.
13th April 2011 | v.2.2.35
  1. In the Help > About form, all paths which contain the $\ are hidden except for users with the ADMIN_MNU security right.
13th April 2011 | v.2.2.31
  1. Added Clients tab which allows users to filter by client or group in Sales Order Analysis.
13th April 2011 | v.2.2.30
  1. Added the option to group price list by style.
  2. Added new button to check if there are any stock cards in the archive with a balance but the same stock card in current does not exist anymore. 
24th February 2011 | v.2.2.28
  1. Voucher bar codes can be imported from Microsoft Excel.
1st February 2011 | v.2.2.22
  1. Import from POS report is now showing transactions with their missing batches/expiry dates.
1st February 2011 | v.2.2.21
  1. Stock Valuation report can now be based on Average Cost, Selling Price (excluding VAT and Inc. VAT), and Last Cost.
1st February 2011 | v.2.2.20
  1. Schemes can now be filtered for each POS ID. 


11th November 2010 | v.2.1.97
  1. Cash reconciliation | This is used to reconcile the daily cash received from the individual salesman after delivering stock items to clients and posting the receipts against the individual client's account.
11th November 2010 | v.2.1.95
  1. Retail reports is a new category of reports for WinSIMS. The daily sales, progress, top highlights, sales floor ordering, catalogue management, and stock cover reports can now be found under Reports > Retail. 
11th November 2010 | v.2.1.92
  1. Further information on Batch references is now provided in the Excel sheet containing POS Import gateway records.
11th November 2010 | v.2.1.89
  1. We've enabled the generation of bar code labels for any future trigger selling prices.
11th November 2010 | v.2.1.85
  1. Users can now use the Electoral Register in Invoices / Cash Sales.
24th September 2010 | v.2.1.84
  1. The Proforma Picklist report can now be issued from the Sales Proforma Audit Trail. 
  2. Users can now export POS Import Gateway errors to Excel to facilitate the posting of adjustments.

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