Error: Cannot send email through SIMS

Error: Cannot send email through SIMS


The user tries to send a document from SIMS, but the email program does not open.


  1. SIMS


1. Default Email Program Settings

  1. Go to Start in your Windows toolbar.
  2. Type 'Default' and click on the below:

  3. Then choose the default email app:

2. Registry Configuration

    1. Go to Start in your Windows toolbar.
    2. Type 'Regedit'.
    3. Find SIMS Mail Path Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Shireburn\Winsims\Mail.
    4. Add String (defaultclient) and set data to Outlook if the user is currently using Outlook as the default mail service.
    5. The 'defaultclient' string need to be set in either MAPI or Outlook depending on the profile used.

    6. Restart software and try again


    1. The email default program is not set
    2. String Missing in Mail Registry file
    3. Outlook trust center settings are not correct. See here to solve Error: 'Create a Microsoft Outlook profile' when emailing a document (

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