How to update SPOS to latest version

How to update SPOS to latest version

Updates need to be done in order to keep the system in optimal shape, get the new features, and more importantly, it will contain bug fixes.

To perform the update an admin user must be logged in the system or else the update option will be greyed out

  1. Go to Help > Web Update

It will come up in this pop-up window.
  1. Checkto confirm whether any updates are available, but the download is not performed
  2. Download - download the update to the latest version

If an update is available after you press Check then you can perform the update by pressing DownloadThe download progress will be seen in the popup box. 

Once done, the update will ask you to restart the POS, where it will perform a backup before proceeding with the actual update. The normal login screen will be shown automatically once the whole process is completed.

For more information on the release and other FAQ's, please visit the SPOS Latest Enhancements page

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