How to update SIMS to the latest version

How to update SIMS to latest version

In order to update, all users should be logged out of SIMS and SFM (if applicable). 

In the case of SPOS, c lose the POS replicator.

N.B. In case of a Remote Desktop Connection to the server, log out of SIMS and SFM first and then quit the remote session.  Quitting the remote session without login out of SIMS/SFM will still block the update.

SIMS should be updated directly from the server. The update can be triggered from:
  1. Go to Help > Web Update.

       2. Click Check to confirm whether any updates are available.
      3.  Click Download to update to the latest version. 

For more information on the release and other FAQ's, please visit the  SIMS Latest Enhancements  page

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