How to run the SIMS Archive process

How to run the SIMS Archive process

The SIMS Archive function reduces the size of the data store in Live by splitting the same data set in a different database, within the same company. This process improves the SIMS performance as it compacts the Live data set.

Users can then access the archived data from Main > Switch to Archive to access data before the archived date., and back again from Main > Switch to Current to go back to live data.

The process is split in two parts, the Pre-Archive Check and the Archive process.

- All users need to log out from SIMS.
- The POS Replicator Server has to be switched off.

Pre-Archive Check

Please note that the  Pre-Archive Check  is available from Version 3.0.27.  You can check your SIMS version by going from  Help > About

The Pre-Archive Check function can be triggered by:
  1. Admin > Archive > Archive Data

  2. From the pop-up, the option Pre-Archive Check will be available. If not, please update your SIMS to the latest version .

  3. Pressing on this option will run system checks on the various modules to make sure everything is set before the archiving. If everything is found ok will issue a report with no issue found and you can proceed with the archive.
  4. If issues are found in the system it will generate a report with all the data that needs to be fixed. Please send this report to Shireburn Support  so that we can check this out.

Archiving Process

  1. To proceed with the Archive, tick the indicated red box to activate the calendar. Set the desired date and then press on the marked C to copy the date selected to all the modules.

  2. Tick all the modules you need to archive and press Start. Process time will vary according to the number of years selected and stock list qty.
  3. When the process is finished and all is ok it will give you the message below.  A reindex is recommended after the archive as a check to confirm that the archive was successful.

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