How to Reindex SIMS

How to Reindex SIMS

Reindex is mostly used to fix corrupted indices. If they are not repaired, the utility will indicate which databases need attention. 

It is important that all users are out of SIMS (and SFM if applicable) or else an alert will pop up that another user is still using the system and the process will not start. 
Make sure the POS Replicator Server is turned off during the process.
POS in shops are not affected during SIMS reindexing and can work normally.
Your organization's IT support team can help with the above points.

  1. From SIMS go to Admin > Reindex > Reindex Current Company

  2. The system will ask for a confirmation. Press Yes to proceed.

  3. Another pop-up will come up to choose which tables to reindex. We recommend leaving it as it is. Click on Reindex.

  4. Reindex will start. The duration of the reindex depends on the amount of data in your system. It can vary between 15 minutes to 5 hours. {{give a tangible example}} so the first time you carry this out, make sure to find a convenient time.

  5. If you have more than one company, to do all of them at once, select Reindex all companies:  Admin>Reindex>Reindex All Companies

  6. If everything is ok after the reindex you should see the below message.

If after the reindex you get a warning message, please take a screenshot and send it to, as we would need to investigate from our end.

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