How to check voucher status in SIMS

How to check voucher status in SIMS

In SIMS, Vouchers can have 3 different statuses:
  1. SOLD: Voucher was issued or sold but is not yet redeemed.
  2. RETURNED: Voucher is redeemed.
  3. NOT USED This happens when a voucher is created from SIMS for a promotion, such as to give it away for free. If the status is Not Used, the voucher will be downloaded into POS and can then be found in the POS vouchers list during a voucher sale, when pressing the 'Search Available Vouchers' option.

  1. To check the status of a voucher from SIMS, go to Main > Point of Sale > Vouchers.

  1. The vouchers list will open. Check the voucher status via the Tran Type field.

The status Not Used occurs when vouchers are created from SIMS for a promotion.
To redeem a voucher that is marked as Not Used, highlight it with the space bar and click Mark as Sold at the top.

After a few minutes, the voucher will update to SOLD in the POS, and will be listed in the voucher payment type list.

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