ZKTime Small Business

ZKTime Small Business

Creating a New Employee

  1. Go to Staff management and select Staff.
  2. Click on the Data tab and enter the following details:
    1. Code: employee code or punch number. Important: leading 0s are generated automatically by ZKTime Small Business, but not used in reports and devices.
    2. Name
    3. Last Name

  3. Select the respective 'Workday', 'Department' and 'Center'.
    1. These are created by the technician or Shireburn Support Agent during the first-time installation.
  4. Go to the Device info tab and enter the following details:
    1. Alias: the employee's full name.
    2. Password: can be used by the employee to punch on device or else login on device should they be given Supervisor permissions. These are given to enrol employees or to manage the punch device.
    3. Privileges: leave this as the default Normal user, unless the employee needs to manage the device, in which case set this as Supervisor.

  5. Click on Accept.

Creating Terminal (Punch Device)

  1. Go to Terminals and select Terminal Management.

  2. Click on the + symbol and provide the following details:
    1. Code: Terminal code (start from 1).
    2. Description: location of terminal.
    3. IP Address: the IP address assigned to the punch device. This is provided by IT.

  3. Click on Test to confirm connection to the punch device. If it is successful the below will appear. Click OK.

  4. Alternatively, go to Terminal management and click on Detect to confirm if there is communication between the software and the punch device. If the connection is successful, the 'Model' field will change from 'Unknown' to the punch device model.
  5. Click on Accept to save the device.

Confirming Terminal is enabled for communication

  1. Go to Terminals > Terminals for communication.

  2. Make sure the right box is ticked in 'Terminals for communication'.

Push Employees to Punch Device/s

  1. Go to Communications > Load Employee Data.

  2. Press Send to push all employees to the punch device/s.
    1. If you wish to push a new employee, uncheck the Select all box at the bottom left and tick the box next to each employee you wish to push to the punch device/s, and press Send.

Push main terminal data to Database

The main device is the device used to enrol employees' biometrics.
  1. Go to Communication > Terminals maintenance.

  2.  Tick Save terminal user info in database and from Source Terminal select the enrolling/main device. Then press Download.

  3. Once the list is populated on the right-hand side under 'Employee selection', press Start at the bottom right.

Transfer employees' biometrics from main terminal to another terminal

  1. Go to Communications and select Terminal maintenance.

  2. Under 'Options', select  'Transfer data from terminal to terminal'.
  3. Under 'Source Terminal', select the main device and click on Download employees.
  4. When the list on the right hand side under 'Employee Selection' is populated, select the Destination Terminal/s from the Available Terminals list.
  5. Click on Start to begin transferring the downloaded data.

  6. Note: If only a set of employees needs to be transferred, simply uncheck the Select all employees box, then select only the employees that need to be transferred, and press Start.

Delete Employee/s from terminal/s and ZKTime Small Business application

First delete from terminal/s through ZKTime Small Business application:
  1. Go to Communications > Delete employee data.

  2. Untick the Select all box to deselect all employees, then tick the box next to the employee/s you wish to delete.

  3. Press Send to start deletion of employee/s from the terminal/s.
Delete from ZKTime Small Business application (deletes all employee/s data from database)
  1. Go to Staff Management > Staff.

  2. Select the employee you wish to delete and press the Recycle Bin symbol.

  3. Press Yes when prompted to delete the record.

Check punches for a particular employee

  1. Go to Punches > Punch Maintenance.

  1. Select the employee from the drop-down list on the top left-hand side.
  2. Select the dates of the punches you wish to view for the selected employee.
  3. Press Refresh to populate the list.

Export punch report for an employee or set/all employees

  1. Go to Reports > Punch Reports.

  2. Report Type: select Access Punch Report.

  3. Select the employee for whom you wish to extract the report, or leave as default to extract the report for all employees.
  4. Select the To and From dates of the punches to be exported in the report.
  5. Select the Lens button at the top to generate the report.

  6. Select the format to export the report (PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, TXT).

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