How to post purchase transactions in the Voyage Ledger to multiple Voyages and for non Voyage-related expenses in SFM

Voyage Ledger - Purchase invoices in multiple Voyages or Ledgers

How can I post purchase transactions in the Voyage Ledger to multiple Voyages and for non Voyage-related expenses?

In the Voyage Ledger, it is possible to post Purchase Transactions to multiple Voyages and also directly to a Nominal Expense Account.

To do this, you are required to go to the Postings Button > Purchases and from here choose what type of transaction you would like to post.

When choosing the transaction type you wish to post, you will be presented with the related Purchase window. In this window (top part) you are required to input the Supplier from whom the purchase is being done, Supplier Document Number (Ext Ref) and date of Invoice.

The next step is to create the invoice line items from the bottom part of the window, as shown in the screenshot below.

       The Book Field has two available options:
            V – Voyage Related Expenses (Default)
            N – Direct to Nominal Related Expenses

When selecting V, you will able to post expenses to the actual Voyages. To do this, input the line item detail (a small description of the expense) and the related expense Voyage Analysis Code.

The second part will ask you for the Voyage Code (clicking the arrow button near the box will give you a full list of the current Voyages to search through), what VAT Code is to be used and the expense amount related to this line. When the line is completed, press the Save button or Enter on the keyboard.

To post an expense to another Voyage, you will need to repeat the above steps but in the Code Box select another Voyage Code.

While posting an expense transaction in the Voyage Ledger, an option to input non-voyage related expenses directly from the same posting window is available. These type of line items will be posted directly into the expense account from the Chart of Accounts.

To do this, the same steps as per the prior explanation are to be taken. The only difference will be that you will be required to choose N (Nominal Accounts) as the Book Type.

When the N Type is chosen, input a short description as normal, and for Analysis you will be presented with the regular postings analysis codes instead of the Voyage Analysis Codes. Please note that these codes are not mandatory in regular transactions and may be left blank.

The next step is the Code Box. Due to choosing N as the book, this time you will need to choose the expense nominal account where to post the expense transaction. If you click on the arrow near the box, a search box for the Nominal Accounts will pop up.

When done selecting the Nominal Account code, the same procedure applies in selecting the VAT Code and the Amount of the expense.

Upon completing the input of all the line items related to the documentation sent by the supplier confirm the transaction by clicking on the printer with the green tag (left side) and post the invoice to the relative Voyage or Expense Accounts.

When the transaction is posted in the relative Ledgers, the line items related to the Voyages will be posted accordingly into the different Voyage Accounts and the line items related to the Nominal will be posted directly to the Nominal Expense Account.

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