Updating the POS via Replicator Server

How to update the POS from the replicator server

Updating the POS via the Replicator Server

If a client has multiple POSs and wants to perform a global update on all of them, this can be done directly from the replicator server.

  1. Open the replicator server, go to the Help menu and choose 'POS Web Update'.

  2. This will bring up the below:

  3. Press on Check. If an update is available, it will be shown as highlighted below. Press Download.

  4. After the update is downloaded, press OK, then close the update pop-up.

  5. Go back to the SIMS POS Replicator Server, open the arrow menu and click on 'Columns'.

  6. Make sure that 'Version' is selected.

  7. This will show the Version column in the grid. If the version in the column contains 'EUR' then that is the most recent POS update.

  8. To push the update, make sure that the POS is connected, which can be confirmed by the small computer icon as shown here:

  9. After confirming that the POS is connected, click on the row to highlight it, then click on the Software button. 

  10. The recent downloaded update will be pushed to the POS. You can check if the update has been delivered to the POS by checking the version column. The new version will be shown without 'EUR'. This means the POS needs to be restarted.

  11. Inform the user to restart the POS. If it is successful, the Version column will list the new version with 'EUR'.

Message POS user to Restart POS

Admins can send a message to the POS, asking the users to restart so as to install the update.
    1. Highlight the POS and press Message.

    2. Write the message and press OK to send.

    3. With the next replication, the message will show up on the user's screen.

Steps 1 through 10 must be performed for all the POSs in the list.

There are rare cases of an error occurring when pressing Check or Download:

To solve the issue:

  1. From the replicator window press Options and then Setup.

  2. Take note of the Server's latest path.

  3. Copy the path and paste it in the file explorer. This will open the folder's location.

  4. When in the folder, copy the updatDB.exe and paste it in the SSPOS folder. This will replace an outdated updateDB.exe.
  5. Once replaced, the user can Check for a new update or Download again.

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