Setting up the Credit Limit on SIMS

Set up Credit Limit on SIMS

  1. Go to SFM > Current Year > Sales > Client Maintenance > Client Details tab.
  2. Set up the Credit Days for each Client by filling in the Credit section. Fill in the Days, Limit and Term, then press Post.

  3. Go to SIMS > Admin > Groups Rights, select the relevant group required, then go to the Permissions tab.
  4. Make sure that the permission U_IGNCRLIM is not enabled on the group. This permission ignores the Credit Limit when enabled.

  5. Go to SIMS > Administrator > Company Maintenance > Sales tab.
  6. Make sure the settings for 'View client balance and credit limit', 'Lock client if over credit limit or no credit', and 'Check Credit Limit' are selected, as per the image below.

Once these settings are in place, the user will not be able to post if the 'Client' is over the Credit limit.

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