How to import details into SFS using Excel

Importing details into the system using Excel

To import details into the system from Excel, you must first generate a template with the column names. This can be done by right-clicking the small blue box at the top-left corner of the grid you wish to populate and pressing the Generate Microsoft Excel Template option.

When all the information is filled in, you can now import the data into the system. To do this, right-click on the small blue box at the top-left corner of the relevant grid and this time choose the Import from Microsoft Excel option. 

You will then be prompted to choose the file.

The chosen file (e.g. ToImport.xlsx) will then be opened so that you can verify that the correct file was chosen. To finalise the import, click on OK when the following message box appears: 

Should the Excel file contain any errors, the system will open up the file you were trying to import (e.g. ToImport.xlsx), mark each line containing an error in red and display an extra column with the error message related to that particular line.

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