Using Document Manager in SFM

How to use SFM Document Manager

SFM Document Manager allows the user to upload, save, and access documents on SFM.

This feature is only available from v2.0.11.167 onwards. 
Check on which version you are on from Help > About and Update SFM to the latest version if needed.

Accessing Documents

Attached documents are shown by the paperclip symbol in the new column in the grid. To view the attachments, either Click on the Icon or use Ctrl+Q.

Once clicked, a new window will pop up where you can Open the document.

If you do not have the attachments column in the Grid, use the Columns option to add it and make sure to Save to keep it persistent.

Attaching New Documents

  1. In any screen where document attachment is available, either click 'Add Document' to open the file browser window directly; or press CTRL + Q to open the Documents box, then INSERT to open the file browser window.

  2. Find the required document and click 'Open'.

  3. The document will show in the attachments list in the Documents box.
  4. Close the Documents box once you have finished.

It is also possible to attach documents directly from all 'POSTING RESULTS' screens. Once again, use the shortcut CTRL + Q or click the Add Attachment Icon to open the Documents box, then follow the same steps as above.

Editing Documents

There are several things you can do from within the Documents box.

  1. Attach more documents using the same steps as above.
  2. Delete documents.
    1. Press the Delete key or the - button.

    2. Click OK to confirm.

    3. The record will be removed from the Documents list.

  3. Edit documents.
    1. Click the arrow button. 

    2. This will unlock the Info and Message fields for editing. 

    3. After editing, click one of the Post buttons to save your changes.
Uploading Multiple Documents: although it is possible to upload multiple documents to the same entry, each document must be attached separately.  Please note that the program is not usable when a file is uploading.


The user must have the correct permissions to be able to use Document Manager. These can be viewed and set from Groups & Permissions > Permissions for ADMIN. Make sure that all the permissions shown highlighted below are set to 'True'.

Backup & Restore

SFM now fully supports Documents when backing and restoring.  Make sure to follow the proper options when Backing up or Restoring from the Admin Menu.

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