Updating the Replicator Server for POS

How to update the Replicator Server for POS

Updating the Replicator Server for POS

Very Important! The below methods must be done from the PC (Server) on which the Replication Server is installed. 

Scenario 1: The POS Replicator Server is installed as a service

  1. Press the Windows button and type 'services', then click on the Services app.

  2. Search the list for 'POS replication server'.

  3. Right-click on the POS Replication Server and click Stop.

  4. When the service is stopped, run the user interface (UI) mode: press the Windows key, type 'SIMS POS replication server' and click on the app.

  5. This will open the Replicator Server's user interface.

  6. Press Help and click Web Update.

  7. The update pop-up will open. Press Check to check for any new versions and Download to download the latest version.

  8. If a new update is found, it will be downloaded. You will then be asked to restart the replicator server.

  9. Press File and click on Exit, then restart the replicator server.

  10. When the update is done, make sure that the POS/POSes are online. If all is ok, press File and click Exit again to restart the POS replication as a service again.
  11. Go to services again.
  12. Right-click on the POS replication server and press Start.

Scenario 2: The POS Replication Server is not installed as a service

The POS Replication Server might not be installed as a service.

  1. In this case, find the icon in the bottom right of the task bar near the PC clock and click on it once. 

  2. This will bring up the UI.
  3. If the icon is not visible, repeat step 4 from Scenario 1 to bring up the UI.

Create a desktop shortcut so as to access the replicator more easily.

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