How to reset your Shireburn remote desktop service (RDS) account password

How to reset your Shireburn remote desktop service (RDS) account password

The password for the Shireburn RDS Account used to connect to RDS server is set to expire after 90 days. A notification is provided to the user daily starting 5 days prior to the expiry date. In order to change password, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Open an internet browser (such Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, etc) and in the URL section enter the following link:

    The following web page will be shown:

  1. Click on Click Here to reset the password.

  2. Enter the required details in each respective field.

Nota bene:

  • Email address is the username used to login to RDS Server
  • Password must meet the following requirements
    • Minimum length – 8 characters.
    • Complexity – at least 3 different characters or more (example small letters, capital letters, numbers and/or symbols).
    • The password cannot contain your name or surname or part of the username.
  • Password history – cannot use password that has been used previously
  1. Press Submit after all details have been inputted in the proper fields and if successful you will receive a message: Password reset successfully

After the change of password is successful, you can log in to Shireburn RDS Server using your new password.

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