Bulk removal of text in fields from SIMS using Excel

How to remove text and numbers from SIMS in bulk with Excel

With this method, the user can delete multiple text or numerical fields at one go using an imported Excel sheet.

  1. Go to Support > Stock Cards.
  2. In the grid menu, select 'Export to Microsoft Excel'.

  3. In the next modal, select the fields you would like to amend by highlighting the field name in 'Available Fields' and clicking the 'Add' arrow to add them to 'Fields to Export'. IMP: Stock Code is mandatory. When you have finished, press Ok.

  4. This will open an Excel spreadsheet with columns for the fields you selected.
  5. To remove text from a field and leave it blank, type [REMOVE] in the cell.

  6. To zero out (0.00) a numerical field, type -1 in the respective cell.

Use the Remove option ONLY on those fields that are NOT mandatory.

Please note that Barcodes cannot be deleted with this method. If the user needs to clear barcodes in bulk please contact Support for help.

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