How to redeem a voucher on POS

How to redeem a voucher on POS

  1. Add an item to the sale page
  2. Proceed to the Check Out.
  3. Go to the Payment option or click directly on the Payment button.

  4. When the payment types pop up, press either of the options near 'Voucher'.

  5. The below pop-up will appear. Enter the voucher number in the 'Vouchers' field.

  6.  Once the voucher number is entered, the 'Amount' field will automatically update with the voucher's value.

  7. Press the Save icon to add the value of the voucher to the 'Total Amount' field. A message asking 'Do you want to use another Voucher?' will come up.

  8. If you have more vouchers to post, press Yes and enter the voucher number to add it to the 'Total Amount'. If you do not want to add more vouchers, press no. The amount of the voucher will be added in the voucher field and that same amount will be deducted from the final bill.

  9. The customer will then need to pay the remaining balance by cash or card.

Note: If the voucher amount is the greater then the price of the items the system automatically will issue another voucher with the difference.

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