How to re-download a table from SIMS to POS if data is missing from POS

How to re-download a table from SIMS to POS if data is missing from POS

POS users can update a price or add a new stock card from SIMS, but sometimes these changes are not shown in the POS system even if it has replicated multiple times.
We can re-download the whole table from SIMS so that the items or missing information will be visible on the POS. The examples below show how to download the full stocks table in such cases.

Single POS

  1. Go to SIMS > Main > Point Of Sale > POS Config.
  2. Click on the Name header and type the table name, in this example Stocks. The first record in the list is then highlighted.

  3. Press Enter twice on the keyboard, or click the Edit icon, to enter Amend mode and tick 'Next Download Full'.
  4. Press Enter again to save, or click on the Save icon.

With the next POS replication, the whole stock list will be downloaded again and the previously missing items will now be visible in the POS.

Multiple POS

If you have multiple POS you can use the Range From and Range To options.
  1. Again, search by Name, then use the Range From and Range To buttons to list only the required table for all the POSs, in this case Stocks.
  2. Then click Mark ALL Next Full.

  3. All entries in the list will then be marked.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any tables that have missing information.

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