Adding or Deducting a Stock Adjustment in SIMS

How to post an Adjustment in SIMS

To post an Adjustment of Stock in SIMS:

  1. Go to Main > Adjustments > Adjustment Add or Deduct.

  2. Press the + Sign to input a Stock Card.

  3. Type ? in the 'Stock Code' field.

  4. Another window will pop up to search the Stock Card, double-click on the Stock Card.

  5. Press Tab on the keyboard to select from which Location you want to reflect the Adjustment.

  6. Press Tab again twice to select an 'Analysis' (you can leave this empty). Once you have chosen the Analysis code required, press Enter.

  7. Enter the amount to be adjusted in 'Quantity'.

  8. Once done, press Enter and Escape on your keyboard to Post & Update.

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