How to create a new bank account in SFM

How to create a new Control Account in SFM? (Bank Account, Cash Account, Stock Control, etc)

Create the Account in your Chart of Accounts as seen below.
Please make sure you use the code depending on your Heading and Sub-Heading digits.

After creating the account, you need to specify the account as a System Control Account.

Go to Support > System Control Accounts and add (by pressing the + button) the new control account as shown below and explained with the following steps:

Step 1: Pick the type of control account from the Control A/C selection.
Step 2: Pick the nominal account code from the A/C Code selection.
Step 3: If the account is foreign, you will need to select the currency from the Currency selection. If this selection is greyed out, then the type of control account selected does not support foreign currencies.

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