How to re-print a VAT return in SFM

How do I Re-Print a Closed VAT return?

SFM provides an option to re-print VAT reports for proceed VAT returns whenever required.  

When you run a VAT return on SFM, the system allocates a unique return number and archives all the transactions linked to this return number so all the information is available from the archive for printing.

To print a VAT return from the archive you need to select Archive Menu> Nominal > VAT Table.  This will automatically open up all the archived VAT Returns including all the VAT return transactions since the implementation of SFM.

Before you select the option to print the report, first check the VAT return number you want to print and take a note of it. Then go back to the VAT Table tab.

To re-print a particular return, click on the printer button and the system will provide a number of options to print. Out of the options available, the following provide the option to print a specific VAT return.

  1. Detailed VAT return which includes all the transactions making up the VAT return sorted by VAT code.  
  2. Summary Balances by Input/Output option lists the totals by VAT code for the required return  (Option by VAT return number)
After you select one of the above options, you need to identify the return number for printing.  For our example, we are using the summary Report (option 2). When you get the printing dialog box, select the By Period option and enter the return number you want to print.  

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