How can I link a default SalesPerson, or Selling Price with a client?

How can I link a default SalesPerson, or Selling Price with a client?

In SIMS, you have the option to link a particular Salesperson and a Price category with a Client. This functionality caters for more accuracy when selling from SIMS, as the prices and salesperson are picked up automatically without the need of inserting them manually for each invoice.

Shireburn Financial Manager configuration

From SFM, go through the following:
  1. From Client Maintenance, choose the Printer Icon > Exports Clients Additional (Salesman/Selling Price)

  2. Select 'Export in import template format' and click on Export

  3. Add the Salesman Code under the Salesman Column and once you are ready Save.
    Make sure that you save it in .xls and not .xlsx or else it won't be visible in the import window.

  4. When ready to import press the Import button and choose Import Additional Details (Salesman/Selling Price) and choose the excel you just amended. If everything is correct, the system should give an Import Successful message and in SIMS the Salesperson Code should be visible under the clients.

Shireburn Inventory Management System configuration

For immediate replication, from SIMS:

  1. Go on SIMS Support > Clients and press the Replicate with SFM button.


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