How to import a stock-take (physical quantities) in SIMS

How can I import a stock-take (physical quantities)?

Depending on your setup, there are a number of different ways to import physical quantities during a SIMS stock-take:

Import from Initialise

To manually import a stock take, click on Import from Initialise and select Import All. Enter the Store Location and confirm. 

If importing stock takes from more than one store, repeat procedure until all store stock takes have been imported.

Using template

SIMS uses a stock-take template that you can easily fill in and import directly into SIMS.

To generate an Excel template: 
  1. Right-click the blue action button from the Stock Take Posting screen.
  2. Click on Generate Microsoft Excel Template. This will automatically open an Excel spreadsheet with the required headers.
  3. Once you fill in the template, save it to a convenient location and import it back into SIMS by right-clicking the blue action button and selecting Import from Microsoft Excel.

Handheld device

Export data from your handheld device as per usual procedures and save it in a convenient location accessible by SIMS. From the Stock Take Posting window, click on ā€˜Iā€™ ā€“ Import Text File (from PDA), browse to the export file and click OK.


To manually import a stock-take, click on the New Record button from the Stock Take Posting screen and fill in the fields accordingly.