What to do for a 'no accounting details for code' error when exporting from SIMS to SFM

Error: No accounting details for code when exporting from SIMS to SFM


Error: No accounting details for code when exporting from SIMS to SFM




The Accounting details on SIMS from Stock Groups or Location need to be updated.
It is important to first:
      1. Confirm which accounting group code to allocate the stock group under as this could result in incorrect data.
      2. Go to Admin > Company Maintenance and verify that the Interface Type by field is either Location or Stock Group.

To allocate the accounting group to the SIMS Stock Group:
  1. Go to SIMS Menu > Support > Locations or Stock Groups (depending on what is needed). 
  2. Select Code. 
  3. Click the A button to Interface with SFM. 

  4. Amend the record.  

  5. Click Save.


The stock group or location in SIMS was not allocated to the correct accounting group code.

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