Is an Internet connection required for each POS?

Do I need Internet access on each POS?

An Internet connection is needed to verify EMVS-enabled products. 
However, if an Internet connection is not available at the time, the Shireburn POS will continue with the sale, and the products will be decommissioned once an Internet connection has been established and after the data is replicated to the Shireburn Inventory Management System.

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      Upgrading your POS is not necessary. It depends on the specifications of your POS. The specifications for enabling the EMVS module on a POS system can be found in the document attached. 
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      To place EMVS credentials, in SIMS, go to Support > EMVS > EMVS Client Authorisation. Then, insert System ID and EMVS Credentials.  Note: You will require one ID for each SIMS (always MS, as shown in Figure 2). For POS users, you will require an ID ...
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      To register your POS with EMVS, please go to and follow the registration process as indicated by the Authority. You will be required to configure the UserID and Schema code (allocated to you per POS/SIMS) ...
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      Summary SPOS (3.0.28) and SIMS (3.0.21) have been updated with a new notification system that provides decommissioning alerts and warnings. Now, the systems produce clear warnings on the statuses of the EMVS-related products (packs) processed through ...
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      EMVS 2.2 (with SIMS 3.0.25) provides you the option to display EMVS messages in the grid of your Add and Deduction Adjustments and Invoices pages, providing you with even more visibility on decommissioning alerts and warnings. A new column ...