Setting nominal account budgets in SFM?

Can I set nominal account budgets in SFM?

Nominal account budgets can be imported in SFM through a template (attached). The budget amounts are entered per period/ per nominal account. Below are some points to note when entering the budgets in the template:

1. The budget amount has to always be positive in the template.
2. Periods that do not have a budget amount have to have 0 (zero) in the cell.
3. If there are any nominal accounts that do not have any budget figure for any period, you need to either remove the row for that account or fill all the respective columns with zero (0).
4. Do not remove period 13, even if you do not use it.

Once completed, the budget template should look something like the image below

The next step is to import the budgets in SFM. To do so you need to go to nominal Menu > Chart of accounts, and then follow the instructions below.

Once the budgets are imported into the system, one can re-print them from the Nominal reports > Budgets.

One can also run the management reports with budgets comparison to get something like the image below.

Attached you can find the Template which can be imported using the Excel button in the Chart of Accounts window: 

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