Uploading pictures to POS buttons on SIMS

Adding images to POS buttons from SIMS

You can assign images to Buttons to help POS users identify a product more quickly during a sale.

Buttons pictures are best created from SIMS so they can be replicated to all POS stations in the company.

  1. In SIMS, go to Main > Point of Sale > Others > Touchscreen.

  2. In the Custom Buttons tab, choose a button group.

  3. Go to the Custom Layout tab, highlight the line to which the picture is to be added and press on Picture Preview.

  4. In the next box, select your file, then click OK.

  5. A preview of the picture will load in the Picture Preview area in SIMS.

  6. Once the picture is uploaded into SIMS, POS will replicate automatically and the new picture should be visible in each corresponding button.

If the newly added picture does not show up in POS after replication, the user will need to push a full replication of that table.
  1. To carry out a full replication from SIMS, go to Main > Point Of Sale > POS config.

  2. Search by table name for tslayout and btlayout. For each table, carry out the following:
    1. Click on the Range from and Range to so that only that table will be visible on all POS stations.
    2. Then click on Mark ALL Next Full.

  3. All buttons and pictures will be refreshed on all POS stations in the company and any changes will be applied.
  1. If in TouchScreen Button Layout > Custom Layout, the TYPE is C, the picture will only be assigned to the category button. Pictures cannot be assigned to individual items when you are using a category.
      If you want a button to act like a category then:
  1. Create a button group.
  2. Add items as Type S(Stock card).
  3. Allocate pictures.
  4. Add the new button group to the main group with Type B (Button group).
  1. If the Type is S as in stock cards, then pictures can be assigned to individual buttons.
Please note that a button cannot have both text and a picture. If the user wants both of these, then they have to be edited using a picture editor and then replaced for each button accordingly.

Very important: install the below software on every POS so that pictures will be displayed properly. During the installation, all POS programs must be closed.

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